Your style under stress assessment | VitalSmarts France


Installation Turorial

For this test, you have two different options:

  1. Install it on a smartphone or tablet
  2. Install it on a computer (Windows or Mac)

Pease note that the embeded technology is recent. You will need an updated browser. Internet Explorer and Edge don’t work with this technology. We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Assessment on smartphone or tablet

Download the VTS Player application on the play store or on the app store. DO NOT OPEN THE APPLICATION.

Go back to your browser, click onto the following links to access the exercices :



Note: you don’t need to create an account, simply click on skip to access the test.

Assessment on PC

You need a good connection and an updated Navigator (like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). The test will take a bit of time to load.

Go to the following link

The embeded technology on this Serious Game is leading edge and recent. It may occur that you did not succeed to access the Serious Game. It can be related to differents causes: the computer is too old, the web browser is not up to date or the Internet connexion is low. In that case, please report back to the first option on smartphone or tablet.