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Inter-entreprises Crucial Conversations

Live Public Workshop Session
100% Online

The standard in effective communication

Crucial Conversations gives people the skills to step into disagreement—rather than over or around it—and turn disagreement
into dialogue for improved relationships and results.

What you will learn :

✅ Identify problems contributing to poor results and broken relationships

✅ Consider others’ perspectives and assume they have good reasons
before speaking up

✅ Keep composure when feeling angry, defensive, or intimidated

✅ Share strong opinions without shutting down contrary viewpoints

✅ Spot the warning signs that indicate safety and dialogue are at risk

✅ Recognize when you’re at cross-purpose and take steps to rebuild safety and return to dialogue

✅ Bring people back into dialogue when they clam up or blow up

✅ Turn each crucial conversation into a course of action that leads to results


“Very high practical applicability. Knowledge of crucial conversations can be a real game changer in professional life !”

L. Sosovicka

1590€ HT

Materials included
100% Online with a real trainer !
2 days in a row
3H morning and 3H the afternoon

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