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The purpose of an L&D Leader !

Download the L&D Leaders Guide: The_L&D_Leaders_Guide

Why is follow-up crucial ?

Following-up to your learning sessions is as important as facilitating and here's WHY

Hermann Ebbinghaus, a german psychologist also known as one of the father of the science of learning put under the light what we should consider as a fact: human being hardly remember something that they only heard once ! No surprise in it ! Here is the reason why we, as L&D experts MUST invest in follow-up actions in each and every learning experience we build. Repetition is not an option, it’s the only way to make training relevant and being able to see ROI !

The 70/20/10 model

Our work is AMAZING ! We help people acquire new skills, adopt new behaviors and develop themselves to better act in their daily life BUT we also know that the formal training does only represent 10% of the learning!

What it tells us is that we SHOULD add touchpoints and opportunities for participants to take the most out of the 10% of knowledges we help them to acquire.

It also tells us that formal learning isn’t the only action to take to make sure that participants actually learn something! Thanks to this 70/20/10 model, we know that we can even go deeper in terms of learning if we incorporate informal learning and on-the-job experience.

What does this mean for us? It means that when we expect people to learn something, learn a new skill, we definitely should consider combining the different approaches to multiply our chances of success!

How to make training stick ?

Here’s an article from Joseph Grenny, author of our Best-sellers book to help you understand how to make training stick !

Additional training ressources

Theatre forum

The Theatre forum modality allows you to add more dynamic into participants practice.

You can download the slide we use to present this modality below:

French : Théâtre_forum

English: Forum_Theatre

Covid adaptations

Here is a guide to changes you can make in the design to adapt to these specific times.

Download here: CC1-COVID-Adaptations

Live online Quizzes

Here a some questions to use as quizzes when you are facilitating a virtual classroom. This really help to grow your participants engagement and make the session as enjoyable as face to face.

Download the quizzes (in both english and french): Crucial_Conversations_Online_quizzes_VitalSmarts_France